Beet Harvesting

Beet Harvesting


Walling Contracting have the only 3 axle, 6 wheel drive beet harvesting machine operational in NZ. The Agrifac Big Six Harvester is a  specialist harvesting machine to lift beets for storage and for feeding to cows in both wintering barns and feed pad situations.

Beet is an excellent high energy source and economic milking and fattening feed for both dairy and beef cattle, especially when fed in combination with quality silage.

The Agrifac Big Six Beet Harvester has low ground pressure therefore can travel over paddocks causing minimal damage, making it perfect for wet Southland conditions. The beet harvester can lift 100 tonne of fodder beet an hour, removing the bulk of the dirt from the bulb, before delivering to the onboard storage tank having already shredded and distributed the leaf back to the paddock as mulch. Harvesting is usually carried out from April through to late September. We also offer seasonal work from mid October to April/May.

The beet can then be transferred to tractor/trailer units or trucks for transportation to the storage area or beet washing facility.

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