Silage Chopper at Opio
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Walling Contracting Southland Ltd have 4 McHale Fusion round balers and the ability to operate all 4 concurrently, meaning large areas can be processed and baled quicker.

With 4 machines in operation, jobs can be finished before the weather can have an impact. Alternatively, the baling crews can be split, clearing the booking list faster with their extremely efficient baling service .

To compliment the balers we can offer triple mower/ conditioner units, two Claas Liner 3000 12 metre rakes and Claas Liner 4000 15 metre rakes, a Claas Volto Tedder to speed up the wilting process and a full transport and stacking service.

All Walling Contracting bales are covered in 6 layers of top quality wrap ensuring a good seal and thus protecting the bales while in transit and in the storage area. Walling Contracting pride themselves on ensuring that the balers are set to high density pressure thus ensuring more grass in the bale, meaning less cost in the long run and a better quality end product.

From silagecultivation, to farm conversions & the harvesting & washing of fodder beet, make one call to Walling Contracting today.

To find out more contact us on 03 235 2233.